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About Us


The mission of the Sustainable Dye Chemistry Laboratory is to advance science particularly in the field of sustainable/green dye chemistry through the use of traditional and non-traditional approaches to design and develop environmentally benign dyes and dyeing processes, to engage and serve local, national, and global communities through activities and the development of educational resources to make science education more equitable/accessible to Kindergarten-to-Gray audiences, and to increase the number of underrepresented minority groups interested in pursuing STEM careers through research and mentorship activities that support representation.


The vision of the Sustainable Dye Chemistry Laboratory is to be a globally recognized dye/color chemistry laboratory that exemplifies scholarship/excellence, stewardship/sustainability, and service to the community at the bench and beyond.

Core Values

Our values are in alignment with the Wilson College of Textiles’, i.e., compassion, equity, collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. In addition, we value diversity and inclusion. In modeling these values, we will aim to do good science, have fun doing it, and inspire others to do the same and to foster community and collaboration blossoming from within our Laboratory unit.